151 Independents will declare following policies in coming Australian Federal Election 2025. These policies still on the table for discussion. Please check here again 2 months before the election date for finalised policies.

1. NO tax taken until reach $2,000,000 for working Australians. Tax free $2,000,000.

2. Allowance (A) $2,000 per week for Australians. Looking a job is not compulsory.

3. Allowance (B) $442.49 fortnightly for wrong doers. Looking a job is compulsory. Completely transfer their wealth into the public fund. Estimate 100 Trillion Dollars.

4. New rules of law of Australia will treat everybody same. Scrap royal commissions and ombudsmans. Setup Lie detector tests in all courts.

5. Immediate diplomatic actions and bring Australians home including Wikileaks's Julian Paul Assange.

6. Free education and medical for all Australians.

7. Minimum 10 years jail with non parole for each failed declared policy or promise by the Members of Parliament.

8. We will set pension age to 50 and voting age to 10.

9. Immediate actions on climate change. Cap prices for water, fuel, gas, electricity and licence fees.

10. Independents' Australian Federal Parliament will not hide any issue under the carpet. Full transparency to the Australians.

We always welcome your ideologies and feedback. Thank you.
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